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Malemort - Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism CS /// ltd. to 100 copies

Outstanding, underground doom-metal from Rouen; a hovering, anguished, raw, French nightmare-take reminiscent of beloved acts like Highgate and Corruption, with an impressive pedigree, including current/former members of Sordide, Ataraxie, and Monarch. Four blistering songs, to peel the paint off your flat walls, just under 60 mins. of music. Prison Tatt Records presents this limited audio-cassette of the band's debut, with a glossy, double-foldout insert. Edition of 100. Tape & digital album available Aug. 16, to coincide with Malemort's release show, at le Gibus Live, Paris, with Cough, Monarch, and Witchthroat Serpent.

"...this album is the most stunningly powerful, staggeringly horrific, blindingly apocalyptic doom album I’ve heard this year, and it has few peers in any year." —No Clean Singing [full review] $7 + $3 postage within USA. Canada and overseas cusotmers, please order through our bandcamp listing.


Spiteful Womb - Final Pageant CS /// ltd. to 100 copies

We're very proud to present this latest work from Spiteful Womb; an absolutely eerie, personal, and enveloping journey of noise and collaged sound. On a par with the artist's finest recordings/releases to date, perhaps the best we've heard. Pure terror, soul-haunting death worship. Four pieces, spread over two sides of a 30-min. audio cassette. 100 pressed; comes in purple or white shells; please choose option when ordering. Best enjoyed at night and by candlelight, or in complete darkness. Stream in full below.

$6 + $3 postage within USA. Overseas & Canada customers, please order through our bandcamp listing.



Kavra - Nekuon Kataethneoton EP /// ltd. to 100 copies

Prison Tatt has been following the progress of this outstanding Yucatan-based black metal project for several years. Kavra are raw and powerful, yes, but unlike many of their contemporaries, also possessed of cosmic notions, and high composition skills. Like graveyard dust scattered in deep space—inspired from below, but looking upward.

What we have here is Kavra's best work to date; a 45 RPM EP, with three ferocious bangers on Side A, and the sprawling title song on Side B, which dare we say echoes early Tangerine Dream, if same were vicious imps lurking under a bridge on an uncharted world. 100 copies pressed. Silkscreened folding jacket, with glossy full-size color insert. $15 + $3 postage within USA. Overseas customers, please order through our bandcamp listing.

Premastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.



The Black Scorpio Underground - Necrochasm LP /// ltd. to 300 copies

If you've been following the progression of releases by The Black Scorpio Underground, then you know Thee Sluglord is a mighty purveyor of desolate, otherworldly, psychedelic-occult smash; there's no fooling around with this project, and over the course of many exciting cassette and split releases, TBSU have forged a unique place in the noise underground, creating an extraordinary sound-tapestry of dark mood & dark mind. These are heavy recordings, that hold great reward for the focused and mindful listener. I would point to the 2014 split LP with Werewolf Jerusalem as a good bit of foreshadowing for what we have here, but that said Necrochasm is a massive achievement, a new plateau in composition and execution for TBSU, and an album that "works as an album," as too few do these days. We can't say enough good things about this record, and Prison Tatt is pleased and proud to be a part of the release, a limited edition of 300, released in collaboration with The Black Scorpio Underground and Husk Records. 



Funeral Art - Cultus Tenebrarum IX annorum cassette /// ltd. to 100 copies

~90 minutes of music! Covering nine years of work by this wholly original, Guatemalan black-metal-art project. Moments of ruin, the cries of the dead & cursed, lush piano arpeggios weaving arcane melody, crisp acoustic guitars, and crackling-electric guitars, harsh male vocal, and soaring, melodious female vocals. Like no other band in the world. Prison Tatt Records is very proud to release this great collection, a combination of brand new work and classic selections from Funeral Art. Tapes available in gold, pink, smoke and black shells, triple gatefold f/c insert. Compiled by Lord Marbas & PTR.


We have 80 copies of this limited edition available. $9.50 POST-PAID in the USA.



Bleak - Songs For Cowards 12" EP /// ltd. to 100 copies

Four new earth-flattening numbers from Syracuse's masters of punk-sludge-swing. Two gut-tearing songs per side, 45 rpm; vinyl is mastered to kill. Watson's vocals have never sounded more wild and terrifying, and Bleak stay fluid and dirty thanks to constant touring. Great songs, hard work, ferocious delivery. A vision of ugliness that you will love. We couldn't be happier with how this one turned out. Currently sold out from the band on tour. Available through our bandcamp page as well. Also includes label sticker, vellum insert, as depicted. 

We have ~80 copies of this limited edition available. $18 POST-PAID in the USA.


Death Factory - Nocturnal Dimension LP w/ bonus CDr /// ltd. to 100 copies

Prison Tatt presents Death Factory's debut vinyl LP, Nocturnal Dimension, a release that delivers on the promise of earlier works and live recordings, a ferocious-yet-cosmic blend of industrial noise & post-Krautrock electronics—subtle, clever, rhythmic, at times quite melodic—hypnotic sound-as-art of the highest order. Fans of Conrad Schnitzler, H.N.A.S., and the post-Nurse With Wound European avant garde in general are bound to find a rich world of textures in this longstanding Chicago project. The Death Factory snowball has been rolling and growing in strength since 1988, and this is perhaps the mightiest and most self-definitive work yet. Our LP is a high-quality vinyl production, with four enveloping pieces, a three-color silkscreened sleeve (artwork by Bill Connolly of NoVisible Scars), an insert, and a bonus CDr with 20 more minutes of music. M. Krause, Death Factory's humble creator, covers a lot of stylistic ground on this LP—it's a fantastic resume for the project, as well as just a damn fine listen that exhibits well the breadth and skill of his work.

We have 80 copies of this limited edition available. $18.50 POST-PAID in the USA.

Bleak / Crowhurst - Ltd. split pro cassette /// ltd. to 100 copies; 50 pcs. avail.

Strictly limited tape edition, designed to be sold by the artists at shows, with 1/2 the pressing available from us here. Think of it as a precursor-amuse bouche to the upcoming & much-anticipated Songs For Cowards 12" EP by Bleak, Syracuse NY's most exciting dark, heavy, sludge-grind-groove masters, a band we knew we had to work with upon first sight/hearing, now reunited with their original vocalist King Watzzo. Please note that these are different versions of these songs than the ones that appear on the Bleak self-titled digital album & CDr. Bleak's excellent tracks are for this split married with a haunting, blackened sound collage from Crowhurst, a Los Angeles-based noise artist at his peak of creative mojo. Couldn't be happier to offer these handsome pr-press tapes, in shell-color options of silver or white.




Black Whispers - Shades of Bleakness CD /// ltd. to 150 copies in North America

The translucent, bluish skin of a beautiful maiden hovering between life and death; the feel of cold stone; a melancholy wind hissing through the trees; long days spent alone in an attic room, natural light dancing around the periphery, waving the dust and cobwebs around. All these and more are evoked in the music of Black Whispers. Shades of Bleakness is the excellent full-length follow up to their cult-cassette debut, Negative Ways of Life (on Illusion Prod.), and the hard and dirgey 7", Essence of Nothingness, released last year on Prison Tatt Records. Their songs are served up with more-prevalent keyboards this time, a wash of dirty rain to embrace the plodding rhythm section and anguished vocals. You can stream the full album below via bandcamp before buying; we have 150 copies of the CD with on-disk printing and an 8-page booklet of related artworks. Prison Tatt Records couldn't be happier to be a part of this co-release with Symbol of Domination in Russia and Outer Line in Belarus. We've also reduced the price of the Black Whispers 7" (see below), as well as created a combined offer of $16 total, postpaid in the U.S., for the Black Whispers CD and 7". Unique work by a special, dark talent.


$8 PPD U.S.
$16 PPD U.S. w Essence of Nothingness 7"



Black Whispers - Essence of Nothingness 7" /// ltd. 100

Outstanding raw, depressive black metal from Costa Rica. Cold and hypnotic, these supernal dirges make a strong impression, rising above the somewhat-homogenous tide of the DSBM subgenre, such that this release was an easy decision for Prison Tatt Records. These two monstrous songs make an excellent companion to Black Whispers' full-length cassette Negative Ways of Life, as well as marking a new plateau for the band in brutal song-composition. A full-length CD release of all-new material is also in the works, in cooperation with Satanath Records in Russia. Includes folding sleeve deigned by the artist & 5" square insert. 100 copies pressed.


Negative Essence Excerpt

The Castle of Selfdestruction Excerpt

$9 PPD U.S.

postage included

Human Bodies & Leather Chalice /// split 7", ltd. 300

Absolutely ferocious new collection of songs from New England's figureheads of one-man, earth-scorching black metal. Couldn't be happier to be a part of this release, bringing together two of our house-favorite USBM artists, both purveyors of raw, catchy-as-fuck song craft. A co-release between Prison Tatt Records and Broken Limbs Recordings. Artist-designed sleeve shown below; features lyrics and yet more creepy doodles in the gatefold. Prices are postage-included.

Stream all four songs via CVLTNation's SoundCloud page.

postage included


Moloch /// Humane Too Sheeps LP, deluxe reissue, ltd. 100

One of our favorite and most-unique albums from this prolific and talented black metal / dark ambient artist from Ukraine, first time on vinyl, remastered with bonus tracks. From the artist: "Moloch “человечье слишком овечье” album (2006); cold, obscure and primal analogue recordings from the beginning of 2003. A live recording of sessions in the dungeons of Tarakanov Fort. All sounds represent a real-time-experiment, along with background sounds of the open space and atmosphere of the natural acoustics. First time available on black 12" vinyl LP and including 2 tracks from the “Universum” EP, recorded 10 years after, in the same place but with different equipment."

A guitar-noise, ambient masterwork, a Prison Tatt favorite on the level of Simon Wickham-Smith & Matthew Bower's SITE/REALM. Evocative of nature, and dark, interior worlds. We're excited to offer this new master, with two bonus selections and a brand-new sleeve designed by Moloch.

Excerpt I

Excerpt II

Excerpt III

Excerpt IV

postage included

Stinger /// self-titled demo cassette, ltd. 200

Prison Tatt Records is thrilled to present the first demo from home-state based (NJ) evil thrashers Stinger. One live set was all it took to make the sale for us; to experience their fierceness, combining roots in early Kreator, Sodom, Venom, and Terrorizer with an unyielding 2/4, and wild, contemporary dark-punk energy. Stinger are our favorite live local band of the moment, and their demo pounds and rages, especially with the compression and analog joys that the cassette format provides. Five songs, same program on both sides, tapes come in solid white and clear, smoky-brown shells (please list color preference in order comments.)

Tapes are $5 EACH; CHOOSE YOUR POSTAL REGION FROM DROP-DOWM MENU BELOW; please write for wholesale or multiple-copy orders. (200 copies pressed; 100 available through Prison Tatt, 100 avail. through band at shows.)


postage included


Long Distance Poison /// Twin Lights cassette, ltd. 100

Prison Tatt Records presents our second release with this vital, Brooklyn-based electronic combo. As well known supporters of their work (myself having written liner notes for three LP releases, as well as recording Side B of this cassette), we've watched LDP evolve to new levels of creating thoughtfully composed, long-form synth "symphonies," much in the style of our 70s heroes; mindful music, that takes you on a journey with both gentle and arresting persuasion. It's noise, but it's not "noise," it's synthesizer music but raucously alive, vibrant and never static.

Side A finds Long Distance Poison in approaching terrain to their newest LP Human Program, in that the duo of Cearley and Bradbury have arrived at a glorious and tempered compositional coherence and focus. Side B was recorded live in 2012 at the now-defunct and much-beloved Death By Audio, and finds LDP at their most haunting; an eerie piece that recalls Saucerful of Secrets / More-era Pink Floyd, with doors of frequency and timbre opening and closing all around the listener. These are pro-pressed cassettes, in an edition of 100 with excellent sound quality on chrome tape.

$7.50 POSTPAID in the U.S. only; contact for overseas shipping-pricing.

Mosa Excerpt

Infra Viam Excerpt


Sentenced For Life /// Cold on the Blue LP, ltd. 100

Deluxe reissue on vinyl of this outstanding 2011 Aussie noise cassette, originally released by Abysmal Sounds in a very-limited run of 88 copies. As soon as I heard Cold on the Blue, I knew that eventually this would become a Prison Tatt project. Unclassifiable, as in "not quite 'harsh noise wall,' not quite 'collage'"; an ultra-inspired, one-man barrage of power electronics, each side a magnum opus of layered, complex, enveloping sound—brutal, yes, but a deep treat for the heads as well. Steeped in the aura of Australian biker culture, inspired specifically by the infamous shoot-off / slaughter known as the "Milperra Massacre" which occurred on 2nd September 1984, resulting in 7 deaths, followed by intense media coverage, making an indelible impression on a young J. Badd, who lived nearby at the time and would go on to create this landmark monster of a noise tape. All original artwork (and then some) from the original release is included and enhanced for this limited LP; front and back covers, custom LP labels, and a 2-sided insert, all collected and designed by the artist. The original audio has been remastered for vinyl from J.'s originals, making this in total a handsome package, and a must-have for fans of one-of-a-kind heavy electronics. The side excerpts below give only a mere glimpse of the enveloping, noisehead joy to be experienced with Cold on the Blue.

LP is $18 postpaid in US only; overseas / Can. / Mex. orders' cost will be determined by adding a base cost of $15 US for the LP itself to shipping / postage to your region; please write to for all orders outside the US.

Broken & Corrupt I Bleed Like a Cunt Excerpt 

In The Guts of a Low Mongrel Dog Excerpt

$18 PPD; THIS PRICE IS U.S. ONLY (see above!)


Yellow Eyes /// Stillicide one-sided LP, ltd. 166

It's here! The pro-cassette edition of Stillicide having sold out, this is the one-sided LP edition, same cairn tracks, but mastered for vinyl, and packaged in a silkscreened, heavyweight grey insert. A joint release of Prison Tatt Records and the band's own Sibir Records. Very much the natural next step for this outstanding USBM band, these two songs are rich with stark emotion, powerfully executed and arranged, and framed with haunting, instrumental passages that quite naturally frame these phenomenal songs with contemplative, funereal blooms. As good (or better) than anything in the Yellow Eyes recorded pantheon, exemplary of the unpretentious and genuine gravity of an American black metal band in its prime. $16 POSTPAID IN THE US ONLY. OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE—WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR ORDERS, BUT EACH MUST BE BOXED, WEIGHED & PROPER POSTAGE CALCULATED. [We never want to overcharge anyone!] Please write to for all non-US orders. In Europe, a limited number of copies will soon be available from Underground Soundscapes.

For an audio preview, stream "Heat From Other Days" via Hell Awaits @ Pitchfork.



Spettro Family - The Tenant From Hell /// 7" EP, ltd. 150

Spettro Family are a world-reknown, ever-evolving instrumental project from Italy. Their carefully crafted, cinematic themes are of the very highest order, richly evocative, and several notches above the work of many making sounds in a similar vein today. Fans of Ennio Morricone and Andrzej Korzynski will undoubtedly appreciate Spettro Family, who have their own unique, particular flavor, modern and singular, miles ahead of being merely "retro." Prison Tatt Records is very proud to release the latest plateau in the project's evolution, The Tenant From Hell, our first venture into the 7" EP format. Striking b&w sleeve design by the artist; plays at 33 rpm, with four new songs. $10 postpaid in the US only; please write to place orders outside the US.

To preview the track "Necropoli," click here.



Malkuth - Tamahprabha /// full LP, ltd. 100

Malkuth need little introduction; a powerfully epic, at times beatific, gut-wrenching band of black metal artists from NYC. Their exceptionally unique take on the sound / genre has seen them through three excellent full-lengths, and this LP (along with the Hathir Skata LP on Kelippah) represents some of their first new material released in years. We here at Prison Tatt have spent the better part of the last year marveling at the brilliance and power of these songs. Tamahprabha is intended as a companion to Hathir Skata; originally they were conceived as a double album, but instead, this disc was licensed to Prison Tatt for this limited release. We're damn proud, as this material stands up with power, ferocity, and hypnotic melody, to any Malkuth album you could name; a landmark for both the artist and the label. These are raw, primitive, private recordings from Malkuth, powerful, scintillating renderings, and the band's raw originals were mastered directly from digital files for vinyl.

Santakshana Excerpt 

Mahatama Excerpt

$19 domestic media mail postpaid, US only; please contact for Can. / Mex. / overseas pricing.



Nuit Noire /// A Beautiful Belief one-sided LP, ltd. 100

This iconoclastic French band is one of the first artists that was contacted for possible release when the Prison Tatt label was first formed. Their earliest demos were the rawest, mono-riffic black metal imaginable, with anthemic, basement-rendered tunes, and over the years, NN have evolved into a wholly unique band that inhabit their own universe, populated, as their sleeve illustrates, with "trees, moon, stars, night, and fairies." Their sound in the latter 2000s has owed more to punk than black metal, with Tenebras' melodic vocals emerging ever forward; and deftly written, infectious songs that take seat in your head and never leave. Nuit Noire have always appealed to this label for their utter uniqueness, and for their their obsession with night and its infinite mystery, especially over other, more common black metal topics like hate, despair, and anti-christian sentiments. The world needs a band like Nuit Noire, to keep the balance of "messages" in black metal, and Tenebras and co. have here delivered another instant classic that will appeal to all their fans and maybe even create some new ones. Tenebras really embraced the one-sided LP concept, and in the process, delivered seven solid songs that work as a conceptual whole, and again, are so infectious as to embed themselves in your back brain, and you'll be humming them constantly. We couldn't be happier to present this limited, one-sided LP of all new Nuit Noire material. (Please note: the price of $16 ppd / US (posted originally on our Facebook page) ended up being an "introductory price," unfortunately, as a fairly large and unanticipated postal expense related to this release forced me to raise the per-item price to our usual $17; please know that we are always trying to make our limited releases as affordable to our customers as possible. Please contact for overseas / Can. / Mex. pricing.)

Faerie In Me - Excerpt 

How to See the Faeries - Excerpt

What Is the Next Night Gonna Be? - Excerpt

$17 postpaid in continental US only (see above)



Intolerant /// Snow Stained With the Blood of Traitors digipak CD, ltd. 300

Fierce, underground, raw martial black metal. The name pretty much says it all. The songs are terrific, every one an anthem, and the digital reproduction (ADD) of Intolerant's grimy masters makes for a great and true listening experience. It's killer to have all these tracks on CD, with 100% new art and the Intolerant logo printed on disk (see below), plus an outstanding bonus track not featured on the original limited cassette. Snow Stained...the tape, is a filthy, hateful USBM classic that demanded more widespread distribution and appreciation, proudly reissued here by Prison Tatt, remastered for CD but not "cleaned up" in the slightest; original tape issued by the Vanguard Productions label. Prison Tatt does not issue very many compact disks, but after much time spent with the original tape, the artist and I both agreed that a CD was warranted, even essential. So swords up to the righteous horde! $8 postpaid in Continental US only. Overseas/Mexico/Canada shipping costs being what they are, please contact and I will calculate an exact shipping cost on orders to these regions.

The Eternal Law - Excerpt 

Beyond the Smoke of Battle - Excerpt

Unblemished Mastery (bonus track, not on orig. cs) - Excerpt



The Algea /// full LP, ltd. 100

Some time in the making, Prison Tatt is proud to present the first, full-length vinyl by Florida-based, horror-sonic post-industrialists NRIII! Over the course of their debut tape on Primal Vomit Records (see our distro), and several dazzling CD EPs on their own Neon Doom Records label, we've watched eagerly as NRIII's sound has evolved into the very unique voice they have today. Though not at all a throwback, with many digital sounds, this LP is A MUST for fans of the middle 80s, post-TG industrial explosion that included H.N.A.S., Nurse With Wound, Einsturzende Neubauten, Staalplaat label, and others. Raspy vocals overlay a complex array of sounds, conveying a rich palette of dark and truly haunting sound inventions and "song" structures. This is the right album at the right time, catching NRIII at an outstanding plateau of their evolution; transmissions from a padded cell of subconscious mystery. Repeated themes churn and burn, emerging from the darkness, and The Algea sits comfortably in our collection alongside inspirational, landmark works like Merzbild Schwet, Kollaps, and Neo Zalanda's Mix Zelanea. In its way, The Algea is the album we always wish Coil had made, like the hardest, eerie moments of Scatology. This may seem like outrageously high praise, but in our view, the collision of Prison Tatt Records and NRIII could not be more well-timed and placed in the history of this very-unique, mind-shattering, 21st-century music, with maybe half a foot dangling in the most-outstanding moments of the late 20th. Comes with black-and-grey sleeve design by the band, on very heavy white stock (silkscreened at Seizure Palace), and one of the label's built-to-last vinyl sticker designs. Limited to 100 pieces pressed. (Canada and overseas customers, please inquire to for a specially calculated price.)

Stand - Full song 

Moment for a Lifetime - Excerpt

The Vultues of Bones - Excerpt



Bob Bellerue - Butcher's Broom /// full LP, ltd. 100

A long time in the discussion / planning stage, Bob Bellerue has delivered the record Prison Tatt hoped for, and then some. Far from being simply another power-drone record, Butcher's Broom has layers of action; left and right, seemingly front and rear as well. In (dis)harmony with our favorite releases by the artist, alongside Amplified Piano Duets with Jarett Silberman, Diablo's "Hollow Body" (live on WFMU), Redglaer's "American Masonry" and the accompanying 10", this is the artist of many voices and faces at his very finest. Source material from the band Health (yes, THAT Health) has here been re-crafted to perfection, reminiscent of The Theater of Eternal Music's high-volume, overtone wonders. Sounding its best at "Holy Shit" volume (per the artist and our label) Butcher's Broom reveals wonders of immersion aplenty. At a time when the shelves are crowded with some of the most unremarkable, tedious drone records in memory, the perennially modest Bellerue has honored the Prison Tatt catalog with another slice of casual perfection for our discography, one that I considered releasing in a gatefold sleeve, simply so the listener would have a suitable, accompanying vessel for cleaning their pot! The package DOES come with a dizzying, mind-fuck of a sleeve, art by Radoslav Rakela (with modifications by Bob), silkscreened with care at Seizure Palace; an accompanying full-color insert of Bob, lovingly holding a papier-mache, life-size pig; and custom LP labels, gothic-sexy and designed by the artist. Yet another gem we at PT HQ are fluffing up our chests over. (Please note: NRIII's The Algea full LP, originally intended to batch-release with Butcher's Broom; a post-Coil, post-NWW epic masterpiece, has been slightly delayed, due to Prison Tatt's continual striving for perfection, but will be available post-haste.) Price is USA only; please inquire to for Canada & overseas pricing BEFORE ordering, many thanks.

Butcher's Broom, Side A Excerpt 

Butcher's Broom, Side B Excerpt 

US $17.50



Smoke - Het Laatste Oordeel /// one-sided LP, ltd. 100

In just a few years, and ~10 cassettes, Smoke established themselves as a strikingly original and bold voice in black metal, their works all improvised and recorded live. The key elemenets of the genre are there: blast beats; eerie, baroque chord figures more akin to "punk" than "metal"; and soup-thick mortuary atmosphere with concrete-bunker charm. In fact, as to that "bunker" reference, Smoke have often struck me as the German Oak of black metal—a perfect comparison, both in terms of the perhaps-cannabis-inspired improvisation, as well as their preparing for war in the most hopeless of rooms possible. This is a record that has been long in the Prison Tatt pipeline, a natural outgrowth of my personal correspondence and music swaps with Smoke visionary Kenneth vH (who's also a founder of Profectum Iri, another great improvised-music project, part of what's being called the Black Hermetic Order, projects propelling underground black metal in The Netherlands to its next logical plateau.) This first-time-on-vinyl offering for Smoke also marks their swan song. Het Laatste Oordeel is made up of three impossibly dark and irrepressibly eerie songs, and the sleeve, having a worn, crusty appearance, enchantingly hand-drawn by Osman aka Walpurgis Nacht, has been thoughtfully reproduced by Seizure Palace. This marks yet another first-time-on-vinyl milestone in underground metal that Prison Tatt is indeed very proud to present. Overseas customers, please inquire for a price:

Het Laatste Oordeel, pt. II Excerpt


Sesso Violento - Molestador /// one-sided LP, ltd. 100

On their second one-sider for Prison Tatt, Sesso Violento continue to be the enigmatic, sympathetic, misogynistic, laughing-at-themselves raw-and-dirty black metalers as always. With each progressive release, they do more and more of their own thing, pressing their luck, whilst still delivering their flooring minimal-black-metal hooks, with only an odd collage-de-noise, and despairing acoustic guitar touching down for a moment here and there. Sesso Violento are unique in that they potentially torch across a great many time stones, with a definite, Napalm/Scum vibe, mid-80s Euro thrash, and a contemporary, inward-looking black-metal feel, along the lines of bands like Bone Awl and Cirrhus. Couldn't be happier to have Sesso Violento as one of Prison Tatt's "house artists," as there really is no one quite like them—they have that short, fast, loud power and urgency, as well as their beard-stroking, "house of ideas" quality of character. Minimal, but resonant packaging, all designed by the artist, printed expertly by Sezure Palace. The insert for this one is escpecially good; the iconic, Sesso Violento "knife," super-imposed over decaying, drecnched-yet-baking São Paulo slums. Overseas cusotmers, please inquire for an overseas price:





OPPONENTS - Telepathic Times /// full LP, ltd. 166

This is the music of the apocalypse—environmental collapse, leading to glorious mutations, and striking new powers amongst the populace. The beats and polluted aether of 80s Sheffield come to Brooklyn—danceable, atonal, melodic, catchy, and very much not safe. As we adapt to the shower of toxins, we are made stronger, less fearful. A giant leap upward for OPPONENTS, and their first slab of vinyl, presents the song form with greater boldness than any previous release, yet with the same discretion that has marked OPPONENTS' progression, into this, a new kind of sci-fi music for a wasted millennium, after the crisis. Pop? Only if you're making popular music for the dried, smoking husk of the "what now?" urban metropolis, which OPPONENTS are. Songs that will dance in your head as you envision Ballardian landscapes, concrete islands where the infinite galaxy meets the gritty Brooklyn sidewalk. Mashroom-headed sleeve by Joshua Slusher; silkscreen-printed by Seizure Palace. Six tracks; a special edition of 166. Contact for overseas pricing.

Light Leading Light - Excerpt 

Dead Communication - Excerpt

Run - Excerpt



Creeplings - Scritch / Aycayia /// one-sided LP, ltd. 100

Prison Tatt records is proud to bring you the first vinyl release from industrial music's most dynamic duo, Creeplings. Multi-instrumentalist, bringer of dense drones and haunted vocalizations, Bianca Bibiloni, who's recorded and performed as Ala Muerte, combines talents with synth virtuoso/multi-instrumentalist Joshua Slusher (OPPONENTS, Grand Selector, Spiritual Switchboard, Goblin War Trio et al.), and their collaboration brings about results a breed apart from any of their other projects. With an impressive, self-released CDr, and an equally impressive cassette (Cryptic Carousel) under their belts, Creeplings, on this record, approach beat-based, downtempo industrial like no other project I can think of; I've listened to these tracks over and over and grasped for enticing comparisons...if you could lay the most-etheric Broken Flag releases over the finer works of Chris and Cosey, you might get an idea of where this record will take you; the beats are prevalent, but not dominant, the melodic trails and synth figures seep in like the subtle onset of good hallucinogens. Ask me, it's just hot, hot, hot—but icy, too. United used a new stock for the labels—off-white, glossy, "classic"—a perfect companion to Bianca's collages which adorn the sleeve, artfully silkscreened by Seizure Palace.

An edition of 100, at a new, low-ish price. Sampled below is the dazzling introduction to "Aycayia." Like many smaller labels, Prison Tatt is not doing much International business these days, due to postal rate-hikes; overseas customers, please contact for a specially calculated price.

Aycayia - Excerpt



Wretched Worst - Worse Than Jail /// full LP, ltd. 100

It's here, heads! Worse than Jail, the first full vinyl LP by Wretched Worst, Kentucky's nearly indescribable doom / sludge / noise / rock combo. Done fair justice by none of those labels, they are simply Wretched Worst, redefining heavy music since the latter part of the last decade. In just a few years of touring, releasing tapes, 7"s and CDrs, WW have amassed a huge fan base and rattled audiences to their core nationwide. And this LP plays pretty much like one their shows, with several short, chaotic "songs" (like Flipper viewed through heavy gauze) and at least a half-album's worth of the bands' mindbending, Dinosaur-on-the-move, extended-jam numbers.

Comes in a heavy-stock black-on-white silkscreened sleeve (printed by Seizure Palace) and one of our built-to-last vinyl stickers. Sleeve and label artwork by vocalist/illustrator Matt Minter.

International prices being what they are (due to recent $6+ USPS hikes on single-item air parcels), International customers are invited to contact us at on multiple-item orders, where I can't lower the price, but it costs the same to ship two LPs to the Netherlands as it does one, dig? So you can make the high cost of postage work for you, and only be charged an additional $1.50 on every item 3 and over.)

Limited to 100 pcs., hand-numbered.

Ditch Stench - Excerpt 

Sores Are Food - Excerpt



***NEW~!*** Chaos*Majik - Telestic Madness : Majikal Musick /// full LP, ltd. 100

Todd Pendu is known not only in his home-borough of Brooklyn, but worldwide, through, as a sound artist, designer, promoter/releasor of others' great musick, passionate/dedicated event organizer, and a humble student of the occult. His suitcase-circuit sound project of many years' standing, Chaos*Majik, has been released on cassette, digitally, and on several compilations. With art and sound collaborator Jesse Gelaznik, this release marks Chaos*Majik's first full-length set of recordings, coming to you with pride from Prison Tatt. This release has been in the works in one form or another for several years, dating from the most-germinal days of our label, and represents some of C*M's finest explorations, in a telepathic, Thelema-inspired erotic frenzy, sounding not too distant in their final presentation from Klaus Schulze's earliest and most-inspired works. These are not drones! This music moves, and has subtle intelligence and power. Limited to 100 pcs., wrapped in a folded sleeve that features images from the Pendu/Gelaznik-designed Majikian's Tarot. Comes with one of our high-quality vinyl stickers. (Please note: Due to the recent USPS Int'l. postage-rate increases, the Canada/World, single-item purchase price is quite high; our apologies, and overseas trades and distro are welcome and encouraged.)

ErotoGnosis - Excerpt 

Chant ov Vamachara - Excerpt



Moloch - Depressive Black Metal Plague /// one-sided LP, ltd. 100

Ukraine's one-man black metal / ambient phenomenon Moloch had this vision for a one-sided LP, and we at Prison Tatt are more than excited to bring it to you. These are four anthems of esoteric despair; three previously issued on the Isolation der Essensz CD, but these versions are mastered for vinyl from Moloch's original, analog master recordings, different mixes entirely—more bottom heavy, rich with gloomy atmosphere, and Moloch's guitar sounds like an all-surrounding shroud of cobwebs; the fourth, a new, unreleased track, a powerful gut-punch that's worth the price of the package alone. Altogether, a must for existing Moloch fans and those yet to be. (Re)titled "Plague I-IV" these tracks represent a comprehensive vision of Moloch's finest DSBM compositions, and if you're not reaching for your razor by the end, you haven't listened closely enough. Sleeve designed by the artist, and silkscreened by Seizure Palace.

Plague II - Excerpt 

Plague IV - Excerpt


Tomhet - Caliginous /// full LP - ltd. 100 copies, with color sleeve, and insert

Prison Tatt is proud to announce a new plateau for both the artist Tomhet and our label. Caliginous is the strongest work yet by the prodigious Canadian one-man black metal / dark ambient composer. Perhaps you're familiar with Tomhet's CS and split-CD releases, great works of focused energy, that encompass excellent songwriting and hearty chunks of evocative instrumental music. As undeniably great as those works are, Caliginous is yet the next great leap forward for Tomhet; six beefy, masterfully arranged, gloomy and pounding, intricate performances that demanded release as a full and comprehensive work. This is Prison Tatt's first full LP (with more to come soon), and our first color front, printed again by the great folks at Seizure Palace. All artwork by Tomhet. Comes with insert on heavy grey stock and one of our stickers. 100 copies pressed.

Breathing Self-Destruction - Excerpt 

Once Upon a Forest - Excerpt

Anchored - Excerpt



Demonologists - s/t /// one-sided LP, hand-numbered, ltd. 100

Prison Tatt is proud to announce our latest release, from the Indiana-based horror-noise monolith Demonologists. This is quite seriously some of the finest material from the Cory / Dustin duo we've ever heard. These pieces step back a bit from the density and sheer-harsh onslaught of earlier releases, to reveal an even-more-layered, dynamic texture that wraps your head in white, woven gauze—a psychic dungeon of swirling sound, as nightmare-sonic or more so than any Demonologists release you could name. Sheets of digital steel cover a rain-soaked landscape, trapped souls seem to moan and cry in the distance, and the bell tolls for thee. Here at PT (where we know the Demonologists discography well), we are honored and feel fortunate to release these landmark tracks by this ever-evolving, hard-sound project. Cover photo by Cory of Demonologists; awesome silkscreen photo-reproduction sleeves by Seizure Palace. 100 copies pressed; comes with matte-black inner sleeves and one of our stickers.


Crystal Fangs - Excerpt 

The Madness Reader - Excerpt



Lord Time - Forgotten Future /// one-sided LP, ltd. 200 (co-release with Universal Consciousness)

Brief, thunderous bursts of black-metal energy; intense, fast, mighty songs, rode by Lord Time's wicked-as-a-necromancer vocals, and each separated by a creepy instrumental interlude. A wild, one-sided black metal suite! This is a reissue and remaster for vinyl of the very-limited 2010 FF cassette on UC. Comes with a handsome letterpress insert, and labels, both thumb-printed, spattered and dripping with Lord Time's own blood! Silkscreened, folded-sleeve insert by the artist, printed @ Seizure Palace. Packaged finally in a heavy poly bag. First 20 orders receive a special "artist copy," each with multiple, unique locked-grooves on the "blank" side, created and lathed by the artist! A peerless item, great music, and a steal at any price. Co-release with Universal Consciousness, 200 pressed.


Forgotten Future - Excerpt



Long Distance Poison - The Bog Nebula /// one-sided LP, hand-numbered. Ltd. 100

Our latest release, from this cinematic, skyward-looking Brooklyn trio. Long Distance Poison reference 70s, Berlin-school electronics in the most pleasing of ways, which is to say just enough, but not too much. Their sound is ultimately all their own, a mighty, rumbling, but gentle monster that carefully wraps the listener's head in astral gauze. This sprawling, sidelong piece will give much pleasure, with its naturally progressing movements and improvisational wiggle-room. Subtle, primordial melodic figures ascend, flutter upwards and away, to reveal the tadpoles of nebulaic life dancing within, making up the core. Shifts happen, chords fall absent of gravity, and the piece evolves, blissfully organic. A pulse eventually emerges, and the more hard and ominous realities of the nebula circle and move in. Long Distance Poison never play any piece the same way twice, and Prison Tatt is pleased to be releasing this version of "The Bog Nebula," as we believe it's one of LDP's several masterworks thus far in their career. The record's urgent and haunting conclusion is sampled below. Comes in a heavy, silkscreened folded-insert sleeve by Seizure Palace, with art by the band. A great ride in vital, modern head music.


The Bog Nebula - Excerpt



The Communion - A Desired Level of Unease /// one-sided LP; limited, hand-numbered edition of 100

"Some predators are simply too large to avoid," goes the dark-ride barker's lead-in to The Communion's Desired Level of Unease. I don't think this record will meet with much ambivalence, as anyone who's been a fan of grind, black metal and sludge for the last ten or more years, watching those styles evolve, merge and coalesce naturally, will see The Communion for what they are, the right band at the right time. Prison Tatt first saw The Communion play at their memorial show for late guitarist Lee Altomare, and it was such an intense, vital set, charged with both suffering and human vitality, that it immediately became essential that we release a compendium of new material, or ANY material, by the band. It doesn't matter what you call it anymore—it's metal, extreme variety, drawing on hardcore, blast beats, and Lousiana mud that's been traded in for NYC muck—that black, dusty stuff that lives out between the cracks in the NJ Turnpike and the L.I.E. Above all, The Communion are great songwriters; they instinctively know how to put this shit together—music, lyrics and energy, so that not an ounce of the arrangement is wasted and we are left to be swept up in the melée. This is one of the records that we've been wanting to put out for the longest time, and it's very well worth the wait. Sleeve design by singer Nick; heavy-black-stock folding sleeve silkscreened by Seizure Palace. Comes with lyric insert on parchment-style paper, one of our new stickers, and ours and the band's best wishes for a good seat at the apocalypse.

Gash Ladder - Excerpt

Rabid Bats - Excerpt




Haare - Rautapilvi /// one-sided LP; ltd., hand-numbered edition of 100

Finnish occult sound-smasher Haare presents a new work, 20 minutes of ritualistic terror, some sounds taken with kind permission from Circle's Forest LP (a house favorite here at Prison Tatt.) Call it a "collaboration," a "remix," call it Rautapilvi. Listen to this record the way you would Tangerine Dream's Zeit, or your favorite Roland Kayn record—nice and loud, and on a good system (if possible); let Rautapilvi fill the room, the house. We're long-time fans of Haare here at the label, and are honored and grateful to Ilkka for allowing us to bring you this historic release, possessed of great power and creeping dread. Front cover design by the artist; sleeves printed by Seizure Palace.

Rautapilvi - Excerpt



Glass Coffin - Haunted By The Ghosts of the Damned /// one-sided LP; ltd., hand-numbered edition of 100

Cult black metal from black-noise/horrorscape master Josh Lay. Three twisted, hypnotic basement dirges infused with black metal fire, songs that pound like the buried alive, plus a haunting, instrumental outro, to leave the listener shaken and uneasy. Imagine a more-wired Defuntos or Mordheim, high on the opportunity to jam in German Oak's bunker. Great songwriting and a pervasive creepiness lurks in these four tracks of torture-basement ambiance, Glass Coffin's first release on 12" vinyl. Graveyard-ritual sketches by the artist, front and back; silkscreened sleeve printed by Seizure Palace.

My Hammer Will Decide My Fate - Excerpt

Starless Unholy Night - Excerpt



Husere Grav - Myths /// single-sided LP, ltd. 150

A restless, cinematic twilight, shot day-for-night—the funereal calm broken by the electromagnetic energy of troubled spirits. Low rumbles and sub-strata murmurs that conceal much more than is evident on a first listen. Otherworldly, Lovecraftian music that represents a new plateau in cohesiveness for this Texas-based, one-man monster project by black metal and noise veteran Todd W. Prison Tatt proudly brings you Husere Grav's latest and greatest, the sound of haunted souls locked in a desperate eternity, trampling one another in hopes of crossing over. Silkscreened inserts by Seizure Palace; cover design by the artist — a modified image from Brian De Palma's Sisters.

Myths III - Excerpt

Myths IV - Excerpt



Ives - Abandon /// single-sided LP, ltd. 200

One of the best American black-metal demo tapes finds it way onto vinyl, courtesy of Prison Tatt. This 2010 recording, the second release by Florida natives Ives, grabs the listener immediately with its cannibalistic fury and deftly composed bm anthems. Expect the unexpected, as these guys are pros, and work in variant tempos and even an ominous acoustic break. That said, this is an incredibly ferocious record, solid and completely in your face for the duration. Abandon is nothing less than a new milestone in the Prison Tatt catalog. Anyone who can sit still with this record on is not alive. A sleeve insert of moody, vintage photography, designed by the band and assembled by Tom Zahn; silkscreen-printed by Seizure Palace.

Burning the Incense Amanita Virosa - Excerpt

Lost in the Pleasures of Moonlight - Excerpt



Sesso Violento - Pacificador /// single-sided LP, ltd. 100

What sounds like the death of a Doctor Who-style computer, laid over some electric guitar rumble and squeal, heralds the coming of the vinyl debut of Sesso Violento, the second release by this mysterious black metal band with punk propulsion. Brazilians now living in the UK, that's about all I can tell you, and where I hesitate to drop the oft-heard comparison of Bone Awl, in this case the reference is valid, though Sesso V. tend to weave multiple concepts into each brief indulgence, and swap out propulsive blast beats as often as they use them for catchy breakdowns and vocal breaks that sound like orders from sci-fi air command. A throat-grabbing record that breaks new ground as it tastefully mines its influences. If black metal and American International Pictures had somehow thrived at the same time, Sesso Violento would be the house band, as there's something very "garage" about them; all the violence of the new generation of punked-up black metal, with a lunar module half-built in the practice space.


Biped Mane Craze



T.O.M.B. - Xesse /// single-sided LP, ltd. 100

T.O.M.B.'s one-sided Xesse LP is the scariest music yet by a scary band. Not so much black metal as simply "black." 20 minutes of empowered anguish and haunted souls. Up there with Nurse With Wound's re-imagined sanatorium Krautrock of Spiral Insana for sheer terror points, Xesse was fashioned in such a way as to not allow the listener to passively kick back and take it in; as the saying goes, "you'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the edge." When I first received the master recordings on Xesse, I cautiously wrote back with an "are you sure?" to the band, as some of the frequencies emphasized on Xesse were so tension-producing as to appear at first listen like a possible "mistake." But no, T.O.M.B. had and have a plan, and I came around to personal notions of good fortune and gratitude that I would be releasing one of the more fucked-up and truly original records in recent memory, infused with diseased emotion, via the meticulous field recording the band does in "haunted" or "damned" locations (this time in my birthplace of Essex County, NJ.) Now, Xesse can be all yours, postpaid for $17 within the U.S. Mastered at Aardvark, sleeve inserts screen-printed by Seizure Palace.

Praise for T.O.M.B.

"This is pure aural sound of unsettling malevolence, and done extremely well."

"Industrial drone, haunted noise! ... ability to choose locations with disturbing histories and shape equally disturbing music...."

"...percussive pieces, contact mic investigations, lunar oscillation, ambient acoustics, incantations, a piano, metal surfaces, and natural tunnel reverberations."

"out in 'the wild' ... almost creating a new kind of USBM"

Luciferian Homage - Excerpt

Silence Is Suffering - Excerpt



KILT - Kitchen Sorcery /// digipak CD, ltd. 300

KILT are a real mind-fuck; about as good as two-man noisy improv gets. Their lurching, and wonderfully animate performances are like a giant amoeba, feasting on the nutrition of the spirit. The contrasting elements of high-volume trance/minimalism ala the Theatre of Eternal Music, the churning PE-style "riffs" that appear and then dissipate, and the hi-frequency dancing of Bob Bellerue and Raven Chacon's exuberant communications via sound-shattering are quite a thing to behold as well as hear. KILT are among the natural heirs to a certain brand of humanist, soulful power improvisation. Prison Tatt is proud to present the project's first silver CD, Kitchen Sorcery, combining two phantasmagorical studio sets with a dynamite live performance from 2007. Crisp and loud pro-mastering by Bob, horrifying cover drawing by Matt Minter.

"Harsh but colorful noise/ electro-acoustic squall" — Brian Turner, Music Director/DJ, WFMU-FM

Kitchen Sorcery 1 - Excerpt



Dhampyr - White Fire Laudanum /// digipak CD, ltd. 300

For an American Depressive black metal album, or more accurately a work of the "ambient psychotic," Dhampyr's White Fire Laudanum feels definitive, in a league with the best tracks from Marks of the Masochist and Xasthur; perhaps even surpassing them in terms of song composition (in this humble label's opinion!) It's a record that feels like a walk through a room full of cobwebs, and those thumps on the floor and ceiling are too jarring for one to possibly get a wink of sleep. The sadness is engufing; the melodies are bleak and baroque, while still packing a punch, also bringing vintage Burzum to mind. Songs like "Dans la Souffrance" will haunt you their with absorbing, tortured refrains. Prison Tatt is proud and honored to present the first physical release for this band, consisting of all-new material by Dhampyr, who otherwise eschew most label affiliations, and simply give the work away on the band blog.

Listen to two full tracks here.



OPPONENTS - Together We Will End The Future /// digipak CD, ltd. 300

The first non-CDr, non-tape release for OPPONENTS. Electric "songs" to topple all extant regimes. Grimy electronics rendered on vintage synths, environments reminiscent of Schnitzler, vintage Cabaret Voltaire, and The Golden Hour of the Future. Snatches of baroque melody and fuzzy, left-hand figures tumble in and out of scene, while Aaron's vocals texturize and provoke, and percussive washes reflect the Brooklyn concrete. A proud day for Prison Tatt to bring you this full length release, the sonic equivalent of a great, abstract novel. Unlike any other OPPONENTS release, unlike any other release by anyone. Full-color, high-gloss UV digipak with collage-art cover by OPPONENTS' Joshua Slusher.

Opposition 2 - Excerpt

Opposition 5 - Excerpt

Opposition 6 - Excerpt



Grasshopper - Calling All Creeps /// single-sided LP

Prison Tatt's first liberation. The first release on vinyl by the acclaimed Brooklyn duo. Spine-shuddering drones and subtle melody; improvised electronics and horns that sound through-composed, but aren't. Too often Grasshopper's music is interpreted as composition, perhaps because of Josh and Jesse's background in classical training. Their long-form creations amount to nothing less than the Irrlicht of contemporary noise/electronics (I said this of them long before I knew I'd be releasing their material.) This is a horrid dungeon, no question, but one where hope has not quite died, and pretty things, alluring demons in service to Jon Hassell or Miles Davis, occasionally flutter by the window bars. These things look and sound great; mastered at Aardvark, pressed by Bill Smith, with silkscreened insert by Seizure Palace.

Calling All Creeps - Excerpt